UCA's Academic Programmes

Central to the vision of UCA is to create an outstanding teaching institution that excels in the generation and application of knowledge. Academic programmes combine the student-centred environment of a liberal arts college with the intellectual excitement of being at the frontiers of knowledge offered by a research university.

They blend a general humanistic and scientific education with one that offers marketable skills - deeply rooted in the principles of research, ethics, and economic development. This educational paradigm was chosen because it best reflects the University’s purpose to produce graduates who will provide scientific, academic, political, and creative leadership.

The language of instruction for undergraduate and graduate studies is English, with a requirement that all undergraduate students be fluent in their native language and Russian. Most incoming students are likely to require some preparation in English academic writing, computing, and quantitative reasoning. A one-year undergraduate preparatory programme and a three-month graduate preparatory programme are planned for entering students.