Undergraduate Programme

UCA's School of Arts and Sciences offers an undergraduate programme that cultivates the knowledge and skills you need to integrate different approaches to solve problems and create innovations in your professional life and public service.

Our unique approach to learning combines:

  • A broad-based liberal arts and sciences education that builds critical thinking, analytic and technical skills across disciplines;
  • A discipline-based education designed by top tier global universities in critical and relevant fields; and
  • An experiential education that will give you the opportunity to apply what you learn to real-world problems.

Your UCA Academic Pathway

At UCA, you will have the opportunity to graduate with a major and minor. After five years, you will graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BSc). UCA is the first university in Central Asia to offer integrative majors and minors.

You can attend any of the University's three residential campuses in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic (open in 2016); Khorog, Tajikistan (2017); and Tekeli, Kazakhstan (2021), based on the major and minor you select. Depending on your selected area of study, you have the opportunity to spend at least one semester at another campus.


Students entering UCA in the 2017-2018 Academic Year with majors in Computer Science and Communications and Media will enroll in the campus in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic.

Students majoring in Economics and Earth and Environmental Science will enroll in the campus in Khorog, Tajikistan.

Students interested in majoring in Engineering Sciences or Business and Management will enroll in the campus in Tekeli, Kazakhstan in 2021.

UCA offers a structured five-year undergraduate programme, including:

  • Preparatory, cross-disciplinary, liberal arts and prerequisite courses
  • Six specialisations or majors
  • Three minors


In your first year of study in UCA's five-year undergraduate programme, all students enrol in the University's Preparatory Programme. The programme includes English, mathematics and science courses and is designed to ensure you have the necessary foundational skills and knowledge to succeed in a rigorous, English-language academic environment with international standards.



Computer Science, BSc
Are you interested in technology and being part of an emerging regional industry? Do you see solutions through technology? Are you interested in building technical and leadership skills? Do you want access to state-of-the art technology? If so, UCA's Computer Science programme is for you.

Communications & Media, BA
Are you a natural story teller? Do you like to make things happen through social and other media? Do you see the potential to strengthen the media in Central Asia? Do you want to change the way Central Asia is covered in the media? If so, UCA's Communications and Media programme is for you.

Earth & Environmental Sciences, BSc
Are you passionate about the environment? Do you see opportunities to improve environmental practices? Are you committed to protecting the unique resources of Central Asia? Do you enjoy applying scientific concepts to real world problems? If so, UCA's Earth and Environmental Sciences programme is for you.

Economics, BA
Are you interested in becoming an economically impactful entrepreneur? Are you interested in contributing to Central Asia's economic development? Are you keen to build strong institutions and promote sound economic policies? Are you concerned with how Central Asia's economies fit into the global economy? If so, UCA's Economics programme is for you.

Engineering Sciences, BSc
Do you enjoy problem-solving and making things work? Or work better? Do you see possibilities in applying scientific concepts to real world problems? Are you open to exploring various solutions to big problems? Do you enjoy creating things? If so, UCA's Engineering Sciences programme is for you.

Business & Management, BA
Do you want to become a leader in the world of business? Do you already have ideas for your own business? Do you want to learn skills to enhance economic development in Central Asia? If so, UCA's Business and Management programme is for you.


Your minor will complement the knowledge and skills of your major, further ensuring your education is comprehensive, adaptable and relevant to the complexity of work-place and community situations. UCA will offer three minors:

Research Opportunities

You will benefit from unprecedented access to the research experts, facilities and data of UCA's established research institutes and learning centres. These will complement your academic programmes and provide you with unique learning opportunities, including: research opportunities; opportunities for joint publications with leading scholars; preparation for graduate work; exposure to leading scholars from around the world; the use of scientific methods across disciplines; and knowledge creation.