Campus Development: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic

UCA has begun Phase I of the construction of its Naryn campus, on a site which was provided by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. Phase I includes preparing the building site and the construction of a 12,200 square metre (m²) facility comprised of a three storey academic building, housing a library, classrooms, laboratories, a dining hall and faculty housing, and two dormitory buildings. Phase I will benefit from previously constructed international standard sports facilities, including two tennis courts and a football pitch.

Developments To-date

Construction of UCA Naryn Campus (English, PDF) Town Campus
In 2008, UCA began constructing its Naryn Town Campus. The 3,000 m² building was officially opened in 2011 and houses the University’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE).  It faces the 2,300 m² Naryn Central Park, developed by UCA for the citizens of Naryn. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art learning technologies, two computer laboratories, four classrooms and a 7,476-volume library. The School has become a leading provider of adult and continuing education, reaching over 13,500 learners in the Kyrgyz Republic.

International Standard Sports Facilities
In 2012, UCA opened its first public facilities at its main campus site, football and tennis facilities, during an inaugural football tournament on Kyrgyz Republic Independence Day. The size of the football pitch conforms to inter­national standards and the artificial surface tennis courts are also of international standard. Both facilities were physically built by residents of Naryn Town and Tosh Bulak village and managed by UCA’s construction team.  They will serve the Naryn community and UCA students.  

Site Preparation
UCA has completed several works to prepare the campus site for construction. The University established two nurseries and has planted 60,000 trees, plants and shrubs which will be replanted on and around the UCA campus site. Using stone sourced from the NarynRiver, UCA has constructed over 2.4 kilometres (km) of green and gabion wall, securing campus boundaries and stabilising the Naryn River bank. High voltage power lines were diverted when a portion of the Naryn State Road was routed off the campus site, and telecommunication lines were diverted onto the site.

Construction of UCA Naryn Campus: Facts at a glance (English, PDF) Community Development
UCA’s commitment to the development of communities surrounding the campus site has led to construction works aimed at engaging those communities and improving their quality of life. These include providing a secure 24 hour water supply to Tosh Bulak village. A 2.4 km portion of the diverted Naryn State Road was completed with pedestrian footpath, street trees and lighting, and handed over to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Cultural Preservation
Reflecting its commitment to cultural preservation, UCA supported an archeological excavation on the Naryn campus site in 2012 and 2013. Led by Kubat Tabaldiev, professor at Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University and executed under permission of Kyrgyz Ministry of Culture, the excavation revealed 45 ancient internment sites as well as memorial fencing, petroglyph drawings, signs on stones and artifacts spanning the Stone, Bronze, early Iron and Middle ages. All artifacts discovered during the excavation have been transferred to Bishkek for further study. 

Phase I Construction

UCA is aiming to have its Phase 1 completed by 2016. The 12,200 m² facility will have a capacity of 150 students and includes:

  • Academic block consisting of: Library, dining hall, laboratories, classrooms, faculty housing
  • Student dormitories

In early 2014, AECOM will complete the detailed design of the campus. UCA will then employ a series of contractors to construct the campus, beginning with the structural sub-contractor who will build the individual concrete structures to house the 12,200 m² Phase I facility. The facility will include an academic block, housing a library, classrooms, laboratories, a dining hall and faculty housing, and student dormitory buildings. Year-round construction will facilitate the completion of the facility in the spring of 2016, followed by a testing and commissioning period.

In September 2016, the UCA campus in Naryn will open its doors to the University’s first class of 30 undergraduate students.

Opportunities for Employment and Contractors

Since 2008, UCA has employed an average of 100-150 citizens in construction annually.

In 2013, UCA awarded six works packages to Naryn construction companies to perform preparatory construction works including water and power supplies, telecommunications systems and welfare facilities as well as concrete batching plant foundations and ground works. In early 2014, between 20 and 30 total works packages will be further procured by UCA, with the majority being tendered to Kyrgyz contractors.  Contractors will be contractually obligated to employ minimum levels of local and Kyrgyz staff.

Looking Ahead

Construction and facilities development will continue beyond Phase I. At full capacity, the UCA Naryn campus will be 125,000 m² and accommodate 1,200 students. It will include undergraduate and graduate buildings, with classrooms and laboratories; library and auditorium buildings; dining hall; and student dormitories and faculty housing. Additional sports and athletic facilities will be provided.

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