MSRI Programmes

MSRI Research Fellowship Programme

Is a competitive two-year post-graduate fellowship for Central Asians. Fellows will engage in collaborative projects with senior researchers affiliated with UCA and receive mentoring, advisory and technical support.

MSRI Information Resources

Include an evolving collection of primary and secondary resources - including peer-reviewed and grey literature, datasets, maps, audio and visual collections, and professional biographies of mountain researchers – which will be centralized and accessible through UCA's digital libraries.
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Visiting researcher programme

MSRI hosts select visiting researchers in areas complementary to our thematic areas. MSRI can also help link visiting researchers to local Mountain Partnership member organizations. Please send a CV and one-page statement of interest to visiting researchers are self-funded and must have at least a master's degree.

Outreach & Communications

Disseminates research outputs through policy and practice briefs, conferences, roundtables, public lectures, local language newspapers, and other products.