Knowledge Platform

MSRI's Knowledge Platform is an interactive service that serves both as a source of information and repository of findings about Central Asian environments and mountain societies. It aims to provide an interface for academics and researchers, development practitioners, and policy makers to critically engage in development dialogue. By integrating the platform with the K-link initiative, it benefits from a broader reach, facilitating information and data sharing among stakeholders especially in the field of natural resource management.

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Geographic Information System (GIS)

MSRI is supported by a GIS laboratory that contributes to research projects and wider programmes. The Laboratory assists with the production of field maps and land cover models, and supports community partnerships for natural resource management through development of participatory GIS models that can be used in resource negotiations.

Publications & Outreach

MSRI disseminates research outputs through peer-reviewed journal papers, background papers, policy and practice briefs, conferences, roundtables, public lectures, local language newspapers, and other products.

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