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The University of Central Asia (UCA) was founded in 2000. The Presidents of Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan and His Highness the Aga Khan signed the International Treaty and Charter establishing this secular and private University, which was ratified by the respective parliaments and registered with the United Nations. Find out more

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News - 27 September 2014
Q-News Special Issue: Institute of Public Policy and Administration
This issue we put the spotlight on UCA’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA). In the three years since it was founded, the Institute has had an impact at both the regional and country levels, generating research and information, providing training and establishing itself as a regional resource on policy development and public administration.
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Public Lecture Series - 12 September 2014
Understanding the Link between Climate Change and Alpine Cryosphere
This lecture will describe the impact of climate change on three aspects of the cryosphere: snow cover, glaciers and permafrost. It will also discuss the importance of long-term monitoring based on modern approaches, including establishing a sound database to allow for more accurate estimates of changes in sea levels, river runoffs and natural hazards and help reduce uncertainties about climate change. 
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Public Lecture Series - 11 September 2014
Well-being and Coping Strategies of Single Mothers in Osh after the 2010 Conflict in Kyrgyzstan
The 2010 inter-communal violence in Kyrgyzstan left the women of Osh exposed to many difficulties. Satisfactory living conditions were replaced by increased challenges such as deteriorating health and education systems, declining communication and economic opportunity and the loss of property. The increased mortality rate of males and labour migration during and after the conflict resulted in an increased number of single mothers. This study investigates trends related to the well-being of these women, examining their coping mechanisms and the factors that make their lives meaningful in post-conflict Osh.
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News - 10 September 2014
UCA Celebrates 220 Graduates from Tajikistan and Afghanistan
The University of Central Asia’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (UCA SPCE) held its ninth graduation on 30 August 2014 at the Town Theatre in Khorog, Tajikistan.
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Announcement - 05 September 2014
PhD Scholarship to Study Central Asian Economics in Europe
The Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA) of the University of Central Asia (UCA) and Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) are pleased to announce a partnership to develop Central Asian scholars in the field of Economics. UCA’s Central Asian Faculty Development Programme (CAFDP) is designed to ensure that Central Asian scholars with top international academic credentials are strongly represented among the faculty of the University. CAFDP is now accepting applications for a SIPRI-UCA Scholarship for PhD studies. This scholarship is made possible with support from the World Bank.
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Training & Courses - 04 September 2014
Certificate Programme in Policy Analysis for Afghan Civil Servants
Certificate Programme in Policy Analysis is offered by Institute of Public Policy and Administration of University of Central Asia. The programme was developed in collaboration with Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration, the Certificate programme is targeted to civil servants who wish to acquire skills essential to advancing evidence-based policy analysis. Taught by highly qualified experts from Canada and Central Asia, it is the first of its kind in the region.
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