PLS Dushanbe - Trends and Patterns in Foreign Trade & Tajikistan’s Transport Transit Corridors

Date: 01 August 2012
Location: UCA Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
Other languages: Русский язык |

Roman Mogilevskii, Senior Research Fellow/Project Coordi  nator and Shokhboz Asadov, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Public Policy and Administration, UCA
Date: 1 Aug 2012. 14:00
Venue: The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe, 47 Ismoili Somoni Street, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Central Asia possesses many valuable resources and faces many challenges to its development. The region is landlocked and remote from most global economic centres, it has a relatively small population and market size, under-developed infrastructure, and in some areas suffers from political instability and insecurity; all of which create risks for human development. The relationship between the multiple forces driving development and risks is dynamic. Understanding these dynamics requires consistent monitoring and careful evidence-based analysis of key development factors in the region.
One of the most important factors of economic development is foreign trade, and Central Asia has economies heavily dependent on trade. Existing literature provides a comprehensive analysis of the economic situation in Central Asia and background information on trade performance in Central Asia.  However, trends in Central Asian economies’ trade performance in general, and in intra-regional trade in particular, during the dynamic period after 2005 are insufficiently covered in the literature. Based on research for the first policy paper of UCA’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration’s Regional Regional Cooperation and Confidence Building project, this presentation discusses recent trends and patterns in the total and intra-regional trade of Central Asian countries, covers both formal and informal trade flows, and assesses their importance and policy implications. 

Dr. Roman Mogilevskii coordinates activities of the UCA’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration. He has extensive experience researching trade policy, public finance, and macroeconomics in Central Asia and Eastern Europe; has participated in the implementation of research, advisory and training programs across the CIS; and has published numerous papers on the issues of regional cooperation and economic policy. 

Given the Central Asian states’ land-locked geographical position, integration into the global trade system, liberalization of external trade policy and regional cooperation in transportation and transit are closely interlinked. Improving the transit infrastructure would contribute to solving many problems not only in Tajikistan but also in other Central Asian countries, which face similar issues. These countries have limited domestic markets with relatively small populations, have no access to ports and, are relatively remote from major markets.  They face significant economic discord among their trading partners.
Tajikistan, which faces significant challenges and tough competition from neighbouring transit corridors, puts efforts to find ways to improve its transport corridors and multi-modal logistics services that would contribute significantly to enhancing its regional competitiveness, and regional integration processes in Central Asia. Based on research on Tajikistan’s transport corridor potential for the Central Asian region, this presentation reviews recent developments and arrangements of existing automobile transport corridors of Tajikistan, assesses the corridors’ current performances and corresponding policy recommendations and implications for further development.
Mr. Asadov is a Lead Researcher of the UCA’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration based in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. He holds an MSc in Economic Policy for Developing and Transition Economies (Bradford University, UK). Mr.Asadov is a public policy expert with extensive professional and research experience in public administration reform initiatives in public finance, poverty reduction, results-based management and trade policy.  He has been involved in capacity building of public institutions and reviewing business processes related to delivering public services in various areas of the Government structures and organizations in Tajikistan.
The presentation will be conducted in English. Russian translation provided upon prior request.

Please RSVP to with your name and affiliation. Please indicate if you require Russian translation


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