School for Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic

Date: 23 August 2010

UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) Naryn, in association with the Aga Khan Foundation’s Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP), conducted business planning  training for 122 veterinarians in Naryn oblast. The programme was conducted from 1 – 26 June in conjunction with the World Bank Project for Development of Private Veterinarian Services.

Veterinarians prepare business plans

Animal husbandry is an important source of income generation for many Naryn residents and produces a variety of products which are crucial to the commerce of the region.  Good veterinary skills alone are not enough to guarantee a successful practice; doctors must also have the entrepreneurial and management skills necessary to run a successful private practice.  With this in mind, SPCE provided business training programmes to local veterinarians, with courses on business planning, market research, accounting, and managerial skills.  Classes were led by SPCE instructors Aigul Sarbagyshova and Mirlan Duishembiev. 

Classes culminated in presentations by each trainee of a business plan outlining their future veterinary practice. The business plans are being reviewed by the Aga Khan Foundation and the World Bank for possible financing.

2. SPCE Expands Educational Access for Villages in Naryn Oblast

Supported by a grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in June 2010, SPCE Naryn delivered professional development courses to 182 rural school teachers in English, Mathematics, and IT. Sessions were held in 5 district centers of Naryn oblast and Naryn town, with participants from 27 villages attending.

The three-day courses were delivered by SPCE instructors to 56 English language teachers on “Effective Teaching Methodic of English Language;” to 48 IT teachers on the European Computer Driving License (ECDL) module “Using the Computer” and to 78 Mathematics teachers in fields including geometry and probability as a supplement to the national curriculum. The enthusiasm among math teachers, who exceeded the targeted enrolment for the programme, was due in part to SPCE Naryn’s Math Olympiad for grades 7 and 8 held in April 2010. Planning is currently underway to hold a second Olympiad in the coming year.

Instructors discuss solutions to a group math problem during Mathematics ToT in Kochkor

SPCE’s Outreach programme trains rural school teachers in teaching methods and subject content that will help to make young people more competitive. To date, the English in the Villages programme has engaged over 600 students; the Math and IT programmes were piloted this year and will be expanded in villages throughout Naryn oblast.

3. SPCE Naryn Provides Training to Develop Eco-Tourism in Naryn

To encourage the development of eco-tourism in this region of vast natural beauty, SPCE supported by the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) delivered courses 5 April-15 May 2010 for potential guides. The training, that attracted 14 participants, covered topics such as itinerary planning, history and culture of Naryn, health and safety, and business planning, using learning resources and guide-training manuals developed by SPCE.  Participants also received practical guide training at some the region’s main tourism assets: the historical sites of Tash-Rabat and Koshoi-Korgon, Lake Song-Kol and the Ala-Myshyk mountain caves. 

Guide training learners visit Tash-Rabat caravansarai

The training programme concluded with a round-table attended by tour operators, local government officials, and the future guides to discuss the development of eco-tourism in Naryn. Deputy Governor of Naryn oblast Mr. Emilbek Alymkulov, the Mayor of Naryn, Mr. Azamat Muratov, and the Head of Economic Development for Naryn, Mr. Saparbek Japarov were among the speakers at this event. 

4.  French in the Villages Programme Conducts a Summer Camp in Kyzyl-Dobo

SPCE, with the support of the French Embassy of Kyrgyzstan, organized a French Language Summer Camp for school children from  Kyzyl-Dobo village,  Kochkor district, Naryn Oblast from 14 – 27 June 2010. 

Students practice French pronunciation

Classes for the 31 participants were conducted entirely in French by Suban Basylov and Ardak Kubatbekova, two local French teachers from Kyzyl-Dobo, as well as by Claire Mercuriot, a native French speaker who was invited to the camp. The Embassy’s donation over 90 books, DVDs and tapes will be housed at a French-language resource centre in the village’s school.

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