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21 February 2020 | NEWS
UCA and Afghan Ministry of Finance Partner to Build Capacity
The University of Central Asia (UCA) and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance have had a long-term partnership since 2013 to assist in building capacity. The Ministry of Finance plays a critical role in the overall responsibility for developing the country’s fiscal and economic policy framework, including overseeing the implementation of the enormous development budget. Having capable staff in this Ministry is a high priority.
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19 February 2020 | NEWS
Milk Processing Workshop Opened in Naryn
The University of Central Asia and the Aga Khan Foundation established a milk processing workshop at Naryn State University for its new undergraduate programme on “Production Technology and Processing of Agricultural Produce.”
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14 February 2020 | NEWS
Internship Programme Provides Networking Opportunities in Los Angeles
The University of Central Asia's undergraduate students, Aigerim Dzhaanbaeva and Roza Amanbekova, had a unique opportunity to attend the Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles (USA) as part of UCA’s cooperative education programme.
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12 February 2020 | NEWS
Early Childhood Education on the Rise in Khorog
Favziya Shonazmieva, from Tajikistan, enrolled in a business planning course at UCA's School of Professional and Continuing Education in Khorog, providing her with the necessary skills to open an Early Childhood Development centre in her hometown.
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28 January 2020 | NEWS
100 Young Entrepreneurs Train for Business Success
Unique in its focus on promoting entrepreneurship, graduates of the University of Central Asia’s (UCA) School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) have established over 150 businesses in mountain communities of Central Asia, 45% by women. Through SPCE’s entrepreneurship programme, several hundred new jobs have also been created in societies which have traditionally suffered high unemployment rates.
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24 January 2020 | NEWS
Education Improvement Programme Boosts Quality of Education in Central Asia
The University of Central Asia’s (UCA) Education Improvement Programme (EIP) conducted face-to-face professional development workshops for 171 teachers of English, math, chemistry and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Naryn (Kyrgyzstan), and Taldykorgan (Kazakhstan) in January.
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09 January 2020 | NEWS
University of Central Asia Joins UiPath Academic Alliance to Empower Students for the Future
The University of Central Asia (UCA) has joined the UiPath Academic Alliance programme, offering its students and staff training in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), a key technology recognised by top analysts for its potential to empower the next generation of workers with the skills of the future.
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28 December 2019 | NEWS
Branding Naryn to Promote Socio-Economic Development
Communications and Media students of UCA’s Class of 2021 are exploring how to brand Naryn to promote socio-economic opportunities in the mountainous regions, and enhance the quality of life in Naryn Oblast by providing better jobs and living conditions in the region. Students presented branding proposals to a panel of UCA faculty and staff, and some will also be formally presented to the Naryn government authorities for consideration.
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25 December 2019 | NEWS
UCA’s Contribution to Open Government Partnership Recognised
The University of Central Asia was recognised by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on December 20th 2019 for its significant contribution to the implementation of the Open Government Partnership in the Kyrgyzstan, specifically related to the disclosure of mining industry data.
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20 December 2019 | NEWS
Ustatshakirt Ensemble Performs for UCA Students in Bishkek
University of Central Asia’s freshmen students at the Naryn campus (Kyrgyzstan) attended a special performance by the Ustatshakirt ensemble in Bishkek, established and supported by the Aga Khan Music Initiative. The event exposed students to rich Kyrgyz musical traditions, and was followed by a visit to the Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts.
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